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Pressure Technology Inc.

Pressure Technology Inc.

Pressure Technology, Inc. facility is an 11,840 s.f. concrete block building located in Alachua, FL in the industrial park area.  This new building is designed with a n extremely detailed water-resistant pit over 800 s.f. and 19’0” deep to house the company’s specialized compression vessels.  The warehouse is designed around this pit with a  mezzanine and a largely glazed control room from the office area to allow for almost constant observation of the area.  A maintenance area to the side allows for their team to create “cages” to implement into their vessels.  And a production/storage area allows Pressure Technology to place completed and incoming products with a fully recessed truck dock to ship and receive sensitive components.  The office space is +/= 2,000 s.f. which houses offices, conference room, control room, and restrooms for the offices and the warehouse area.


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